Tropical Marina is located in the safest Caribbean bay, providing them to customer’s security they deserve and with a highly trained staff.


Boat Repair, Painting, Garage, Surveillance 24/7 are just some of our facilities. We are pleasure to bring you the best service provided, come and discover more.


Our regular clientes will be covered by a medical facility that guaranty transportation facilities if need to the nearest hospital + advantage. (Cooming soon)

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DAHIANA – Fishing Boat

Full Repair DAHIANA boat in Marina Tropical – Luperon Marina. * Paint and Anti Fouling * Correction of Hollow * Among other repairs * Complete Painting

Reparación completa de embarcación DAHIANA, en Marina Tropical, Marina Luperon.

– Pintura y Anti Fouling
– Corrección de Huecos
– entre otras reparaciones